It’s cold out there; even colder than the Arctic chill at Times Square. The country seems to be at its own throat. It’s hard not to choose sides in the struggle for America’s soul, but whatever side you choose it still seems like everything has fallen apart. Society is in chaos, there seems to be no road to true progress. When will people learn to talk to each other? Where is the solution to all this coming from?

I don’t know what will happen. We all depend on one another for survival, but we don’t seem to trust one another. It’s easy to try to place blame for this mess, but is that helping?

This is Winter. When there is no road ahead, the only thing to do seems to be to despair, but the wisdom of the seasons tells us: this is the time to wait. More than that, this is an opportunity to see the world with fresh eyes. The very fear that we experience is a reminder of just how much we rely on one another. If I am fearful, what must my neighbor feel? Maybe that’s a good place to start.

Let’s try to find, in this new year, a way to be interested in those around us. Let’s take stock of what we have – the earth we stand on. What do we have to be grateful for? And what can we offer?

We are all in this together.

The sun will rise tomorrow, or maybe it won’t, but let’s try to wake up now.

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