To Be Held is Not to Live Forever

I cannot help but grieve the death of brilliance.
Something is tethered to my heart
and won’t let go, you pull
that string with you into the unknown never.
I cannot follow it.

Teacher, will you hold me in your heart?
To be held is not to live forever, but to follow,
fearless, the ones who go before.

My comfort is this: to breathe through the tears.
Although I see the unknown stretch before me,
still the empty blackness of your eyes,
the unknown always,
is wrapped around this frightened rabbit like a shawl,
heart beating fast.
“Be still,
still, my darling, sweetheart, shhh…”

Rising Water

When the waters rise, where will you be?
Swept away, or
On high ground, waiting…
The fissure widens between us,

My friends,
My beloved.
Where will we be?
At the end, when my soul cries out…

Can I touch your hand?
It’s all we have now.
Eternities crumble.

I see the mountains falling
Into the sea,
But I must run errands today,
And tomorrow.
Where will I be?