Welcome to My Process


I have many good friends. It’s amazing, therefore, that I manage to be so lonely. In fact, I think it may be a testament to the stubbornness of the wounded spirit.

Several weeks ago, in part due to the encouragement of one of those good friends, I started writing again. After sending him page after page of raw material that consisted of about fifty percent potentially interesting teachings and fifty percent meaningless drivel, I stopped sending him my writings. And then I stopped writing.

The reason my writing was so easy to unlock and why it shut down when I no longer allowed myself this muse? Well, my muse was one of the “special” people.

I get very attached to my “special” people. And I tend to throw myself away in the process of relying on the Shiny Ones to provide me with the fantasy of meaningful companionship. And in the meanwhile, I tend to ignore what’s right in front of me – namely, the world.

So now, I want to start leaning on you, that is, my friends. Real people from whom I have shielded my heart. I want to be real, and take just a little of the shine off of the people who I’ve gilded and throw some of that gold dust into my own life. And I want to share that shine with everyone here. Right here in this blog space that I have neglected for a long time.

So, pretty words aside, I am making a commitment. I will write a blog entry once a day… Well, ok, at least five days a week. Hrmm… Once a week? Ok, I will definitely write a blog post at least once a week (maybe more), sharing my healing process in this space.

So welcome, and here is my heart.

Stay tuned.

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