Zooming Out

zooming outIt’s a rose! One of the last roses left now that the weather has turned bitterly cold. I am on 135th street an Broadway on my way home from school, and there, in the midst of the cold and chaos of the city is this spot of pink. It’s easy to get caught by the beauty of that last pink rose. It’s rare, and the only bit of this color, and it will be gone soon. But I wonder if I should step back and see more of the picture. I think that while I’m focusing on that rose, I’m missing some pretty remarkable stuff.

We place value judgements on the things we encounter in our daily lives. Roses are beautiful, thorns are painful, traffic is annoying. Scarce things are sought after and plentiful things are thought of as unimportant. But when we ignore some things and focus on others, what are we saying about our lives? And are we doing ourselves a service by ignoring part of our world?

That pink rose is beautiful and a small miracle. But so is the bush that it grows on, and the traffic island that harbors that rose, with its benches, and even the traffic that carries people across the island of Manhattan every day so we can encounter each other again and again. Tomorrow, that rose will be gone, but all those people I’m ignoring today will still be here, so maybe I should pay attention now.

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